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All the Bait & None of the Mess

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Salmon Season is here…and I'm wrapping bait!

With the expected/projected big runs of Salmon headed our way I wanted to give a heads up to my fellow anglers regarding a super make-sense product designed from the guys at Fish Strike Fishing.

The ongoing thought for most of us is to keep our boat somewhat organized not to mention fairly clean when cutting bait during a day’s fishing…enter the “Bait Station.”

Before the water gets up to temps where fishing metal makes sense, the majority of river anglers are trolling cut plug Herring or Sardine wrapping Kwikfish (I like Brad’s Killer Fish) It takes no time at all for a party of three in your boat to make quite the mess preparing lures and baits. With the Bait Station, all the leftovers from cutting up your bait fish stay in one place…inside the lipped cutting tray, not all over the back of the boat. The Bait Station also features a knife friendly cutting board and three aluminum adjustable spray bottles which I happen to use for Lemon Joy and a couple of my favorite scents. (Hint: Bloody Tuna)

The Bait Station can be permanently mounted to the boat or Velcro fastened to the top of a cooler or fish box as shown in my boat. One of my friends has his attached to the inside of his splash well and Scott, my other buddy, mounts his on top of his inboard box.

Wherever you decide to mount one, I found the advantages of owning a Bait Station are quickly realized. It is a very high quality welded aluminum product that virtually every fisherman who cuts bait will truly appreciate having in their boat. The Bait Station in my opinion is the bait cutting answer, not only for the convenience and the organization that it provides, but because at the end of the day I simply clean it in the river and I am left with zero mess in the boat…and I like that!!

Oh yeah…if we had some Sturgeon to fish for this unit is the bomb for wrapping together messy Sturgeon baits too!

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