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Fish Strike Fish Alarm

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Never miss another bite, day or night, with the Fish StrikeTM Fish Alarm. Whether you're fishing from the bank of a calm lake, trolling, anchored in heavy current or even using downriggers, the Fish StrikeTM adjusts to any fishing conditions.


Increase your fishing success with the Fish StrikeTM Fish Alarm, It's as easy as 1...2...3...

1: Slide the metal clip over the bottom front of your rod holder, pipe or sand spike until it goes all the way back. Tighten the eye bolt snug.

2: Loosen the set screw and adjust the cylinder height so that your rod rests in the cradle. Gently tighten the set screw.

3: Adjust the tension control for your fishing conditions. Any additional tension from a strike will trigger the alarm.


  • Loud 100 Decibel Alarm
  • Bright Flashing LED Light
  • Adjustable Tension Control
  • Waterproof
  • User Replaceable Battery

The Fish Strike Difference

For us, the Fish Strike was born out of necessity.  There were other bite alarms and strike indicators on the market, but none of them had the versatility to tackle all of the different kinds of fishing that we like to do.

Strike Indicators Pros/Cons
Fishing Bell

Fishing bells have probably been around since the advent of the fishing rod.  They work great in some situations and we have certainly used them in the past.  You can't beat the performance for the price.  However, they have some drawbacks well.

  1. They only work in calm water...unless you are going for the bell choir effect.  This rules them out completely for trolling or fishing in any significant current or windy conditions.
  2. When fishing multiple rods, especially at night, it can be difficult to determine which rod is getting a bite initially.  Especially with the advent of barbless hook fishing this is time you don't have at the strike.
  3. They aren't particularly loud.  You could easily sleep through a strike.
  4. They end up in the water.  Even with a safety line we seemed to donate several a year to the deep.
  5. They attach to your rod.  After spending a small fortune on a high end rod and reel do you realy want to clamp a $5 bell onto it?  In the heat of the moment you can easily slack your line trying to remove the bell or refer to number four.
Rod Mounted Alarm  There are a number of rod mounted alarm systems on the market now.  Most are inexspensive by comparision to our alarms and they vary in complexity from a plastic clip with bells and a chemlite to units with motion detection of the line or rod tip.
Integrated Rod Holder Alarm  
Tip Up Strike Indicator / Tip up alarm / Tip Up Flag  


Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of battery does it use?

The Fish Strike uses a L1028 12 volt battery.  They are commonly available at hardware stores and home centers.  Its most commonly found in auto key fobs and garage door opener remotes.  We also sell them in the online store.

How long does the battery last?

The Fish Strike doesn't have an on/off switch and it only draws on the battery when the alarm is actually going off.  Even with frequent use we typically get several seasons out of a battery.

Will it fit brand XYZ of rod holder?

The Fish Strike will fit most commercial and homebrew rod holders.  As long as there is a flat surface at the bottom face of the rod holder then it will usually work.  We have tested the unit with most models of Scotty, Fish On (Tempress), & Folbe rod holders.  Units that clamshell fold or that have an opening at the bottom front of the rod holder may require some modification to work.  The alarms will also work with pvc or aluminum pipe type bank rod holders or rocket tubes on boats.

I fish for (species of your choice)...will the alarm work for me?

More than likely, yes!  We have people all over the world using our alarms for a wide variety of species.  Here in our back yards we routinely use them for catfish, kokanee, salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, trout and more!  We fish from the bank, anchored in a boat, trolling and trolling with downriggers.  The alarm sensitivity can be adjusted from mere ounces up to 20+ lbs.  Our way of thinking goes like this...if you have a rod holder of some kind on your boat or at your favorite bank hole, then you probably intend to use it.  If your rod isn't in your hands, then you can benefit from one of our alarms.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Works great.

    Posted by David on 28th Jul 2014

    This product worked great at night. It was loud and pretty bright. If you screw the tension screw to tight it doesn't work. I hope/wish they make some different colors and sounds.

  2. Saves my neck.

    Posted by Ray on 8th Jul 2014

    I have been using the fish strike alarm for several years and love it. This is my second one as the first one succumed to the salt and wet. My rod holder is next to me at the tiller so the end of the rod is well behind my view without twisting my head around to see it, thus saving me a stiff neck at the end of the day.

  3. Hey wake up you have a fish!!

    Posted by L.disparte@comcast.net, Looie Disparte on 30th Jun 2014

    I have had Fish Strikes before this and found them to be a useful tool. Specifically when I am alone and the boats are thick, such as Bouy 10.
    However, I don't find them to be as waterproof as they should be. I have a couple that don't work.


    Posted by Tom Parr on 15th Apr 2014

    Well built and does everything as advertised. Allows me to read while fishing.

    Excellent customer service.

  5. spring chinook

    Posted by eric on 15th Apr 2014

    these devices allow you to read sleep or tie up new gear without keeping an eye on your rod. they definetly get your attention when your rod is taken down. properly adjusted there is no problems with false alarms. they do irritate anglers alongside of you but it could be a little professional jealousy.

  6. one issue

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2014

    Great alarm, I suggest you tie it to your rod holder if you would like to keep it for several years.

    FSF Response:
    Thanks for the feedback! This is a good reminder for anyone with a slippery rod holder (pvc pipe, rocket launcher etc). The eye bolt on the bottom of the alarm is there to make it super simple to tie an out of the way leash onto the alarm. A couple of pennies worth of fishing line can save the day!

  7. Finally a GOOD one!

    Posted by Quiet Bear on 26th Sep 2013

    This is by far the best strike indicator I've found. Works perfectly as described.

  8. verry nice

    Posted by jin park on 12th Aug 2013

    if you fishing in the boat like to sleep get one
    make sure have them test before they send to you

  9. verry nice

    Posted by jin park on 12th Aug 2013

    if you fishing in the boat like to sleep get one
    make sure have them test before they send to you

  10. Happy with this product.

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Jun 2013

    Works just like advertised.

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